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Allgemeine Dienste für Wix-Websites

Globale Webdesign Agentur

Wir entwickeln Ihr Website-Projekt und unterstützen Sie bei anderen allgemeinen Wix-Services

Jede Website-Konvertierung zu Wix Platform
Wix Mobile Site-Optimierung
Wix Premium-Pläne verfügbar
Wix Hosting-Anforderungen
Wix Blogging Services

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Wix General Services

Wix Site Conversion.png

Any Site Converted to Wix

We will be able to convert your expensive to maintain old site into a modern, quick, reliable, easy to maintain WIX website.

The conversion process is not automatic, but we have the expertise to do that. We have done that with several of our current clients.

Wix Mobile Site Optimization.png

Wix Mobile Site Optimization

With the WIX platform it will be possible to resize, hide and move elements from the Desktop version to your Mobile compatible version.

In addition -and during the optimization process- we will run software improvement routines to allow for the best mobile visualization.

Wix Premium Plans.png

Wix Premium Plans

The Wix Premium Plans are divided into Website Plans and Business & eCommerce Plans.


Website Plans have all the features you need, whereas Business & eCommerce Plans have additional features such as accepting payments and make use of advanced Wix Business app features.

Wix Blogging Services.png

Wix Blogging Services

The advantage of using our Blogging Services is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining your blog, we will do all the Blog updating and maintenance on your behalf.


This saves you time and money in the long run and keeps everything in one place and improving your Google Search ranking.

Wix Hosting.png

Wix Hosting

To get your own custom domain or connect one you already own,  we will help you to upgrade your site to Wix Premium.


Having your own custom domain makes it easier to find you online and increase your credibility.

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